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mixed media, 2011

Spheres as with the rest of my work, grew out of the flea market. The first geodesic sphere I built was in high school in the early 70’s when I help a fellow architecture student fabricate a geodesic dome. I never lost interest in the beauty of Buckminster Fuller’s simple and elegant design. So, it was not a surprise when I started seeing lots of old used hacksaw blades that the idea of using them to build geodesic spheres. This was the first project to require the quantity of materials which are now common for me. Each of the spheres requires 270 hacksaw blades. My first goal was to fabricate 5 large spheres which meant that I needed to find at least 1,350 blades to complete this. I still remember the first time a started bolting together the different size blades and the curve of a sphere started to form.

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