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mixed media, 2020
Napa Art Walk

The idea of fabricating large permanent pieces available for anyone to experience has always been a goal. Size has always been an element of my practice. I have been building large temporary sculptures and installations for years, which eventually led to an opportunity to design and install a large complex hanging public art commission made out of bicycle rims. This gave me the foundation and experience I needed to add public art as an element of my practice.

Attaching the plant to the concrete pad would be no problem, the pot would hide the steel base. What pot?  Then it hit me – a wine barrel! – it made perfect sense for Napa! Now what to put in the pot? I had previously played around with welding screws together, crafting these dumb little screw flowers. It struck me – the bush is made of wood handled screwdrivers, screw flowers are the natural weeds to grow beneath it! The final touch was adding some small river stones as ground cover.

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