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Laser engraved 1915 U.S. wooden map puzzle, 2019.
20” x 12.25”

Using a vintage Parker Brothers* wood puzzle of the United States, I present viewers with 100 words laser engraved across the puzzle pieces. The list is composed of terms used by politicians to either demonize their opponents or glorify themselves. To remove any bias on my part in organizing these terms, I used a random number generator to order them. In a perfect world, the U.S’ political structure would function free of bias in its supervisory branches, as it was intended. However, America’s political framework has been broken for a long time, infected with a number of loathsome tactics varying from gerrymandering, misspelled districts, and voter suppression, to outright intimidation.  politics presents the viewer with man’s equally unifying and divisive behavioral trait, the need to gain an advantage over one’s opponent no matter the cost or consequence.

*Copyrighted 1915

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