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laser engraved plywood peg boards, 2019.
10” x10”x 3/8” each

In response to critics calling out his hate-filled rhetoric, Donald Trump states “I am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world,” instead blaming the rise in violence across the U.S. on everything but himself, his actions, and his speech. My triptych features three peg boards, each with 100 holes drilled and equally spaced. The holes are filled with a random grouping of colored pegs from Milton Bradley’s “One Hundred Pegs,” an educational tool used in nurseries, kindergarten, and early primary school to teach counting, colors, and a host of other age appropriate skills. The boards are each engraved with a different Trump quote* in which he addresses race. There is no need to put anything but his own words in his own mouth.

*All quotes have been vetted by mainstream media and have never been denied by Donald Trump.

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