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Laser engraved Risk game, 2019
Dimensions vary, board is 20” x 30”

Risk is a strategic board game where the object is to take over the world. At the time of his inauguration, President Trump threatened the U.S’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. Here, all 26 pages, 15,779 words of the English edition of The Paris Climate Accord are engraved in an inward spiral. The verb “risk” amplifies the magnitude of the document and the accelerating effects of climate change across the world. On the left side of the board is a list of the nations who have not signed the Accord. Below that is an outline of the measures that need to be taken to exit the Paris Climate Accord. At the time of this work’s creation, Trump has put into motion all necessary steps to withdraw the U.S. from The Paris Climate Accord, meaning the U.S. can officially exit on November 4, 2020.

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