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mixed media, 2017

Broken  builds upon Clint Imboden’s interest in repurposing flea market finds, now moving beyond the assembly of free-standing sculptures to completely reimagined final objects. Broken showcases items that have been fragmented and reassembled into new objects with no function. The original form and use of each item however is still recognizable in its new, useless, state: crutches broken in half seem to have been repaired by someone without any understanding of their original use, hammers are fused together to create a two-headed oddity, and much more.

Broken confronts viewers with a collection of instruments that can easily be described as “worthless,” and asks, are worth and value defined by functionality? In drawing sharp focus to each item’s initial purpose by compromising that purpose, Imboden challenges visitors to consider what it is to be “broken” and how these objects reaffirm or defy that.

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